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ECEN 3233 Stuff

As we all know, this week's lab requires that we use two special little chips - the 74153 and the 74194. Unfortunately, only one of them is available in the Logicworks libraries available in the lab. I was pretty annoyed by this, so I decided to build the missing chip - the 74194.

Download a self-extracting zip file containing the library and circuit: thomppj.exe

If anyone is interested, these are the details of how I created this chip. It wasn't very difficult, actually. I stumbled upon a logic diagram of the chip in the data sheets for the 74194. Then I stumbled upon a page on capilano's site describing how to create a chip. Then I worked on it for a while and came up with the library that you can download above.

74194 Data Sheets
How to Make a Chip