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Rachel Elizabeth Thompson
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  • Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas. No wait...that's not right. Well, whatever. We've had our baby! Andrea gave birth to our smiling hunk-o-hair at 8:02 AM on Wednesday, September 6 (2000). At birth, she weighed 5 lb, 15 1/2 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. She has a full head of dark brown hair and is said to have her daddy's nose (whatever that means). She also has her mom's cleft chin (if you really wanted to know). Her name is Rachel Elizabeth Thompson.

    Rachel's Age (to the Minute)

    Things For the Baby!
    Babies, babies, babies need so many strange and foreign things like cloth diapers and funny little outfits. Very peculiar. Anyway, I must first mention how grateful we are that God has provided very well for our baby needs. We have been given or loaned so many things, from clothes to a cradle and so on. However, there are still many items which we either need or would like. For those who are interested, our theme is Noah's Ark.

    NOTE: Andrea will be breastfeeding (no formula!) for quite a while, and we will be using cloth diapers to catch all those wet & poopy little messes. Consequently, we do not need any bottle feeding equipment or disposable diapers. Thanks!

    Samuel's Story
    While this picture is not directly related to Andrea, myself, or our baby, I wanted to include it here so that you could learn it's story. It is a story about a surgery performed on a baby that was still in it's mother's uterus. This procedure was the first of it's kind to ever be performed. However, it is a story that will not ever be told by the majority of our country's media. Please follow this link to read more about this story. By the way, the baby was named Samuel Armas.